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How to make €8000/month on the internet?

Earning money on the internet is very popular these days. One doesn't have to go all his way to the work, but he can work at home comfortly or from any place where he has interent connection. I like traveling so I decided to find myself a job where I could work on the internet only. I definitely didn't want to see myself sitting all day in front of screen to barely earn enough money for my living. I wanted something, where I can earn lots of money and still have the free time for my hobbies. I probably don't have to say that looking for such job wasn't much easy. I tried different advertisements and such thing but it always took me a lot of time and money and the results were lower than what I expected.

But in the end I found what I was looking for. I usually spend 2 hours in front of a computer, which is something I can afford, because I so much in one hour that even a head of bank could be jealous. I realised that there are still many people, who aren't doing as well and I would like to help them. If you belong to that group, read this article and you will soon be doing as good as I am.

How to start earning €8000 per month

For my method you need a little funds for the starters. When I started I had around €160. You may think it's a lot, but this amount of money will soon return to you. You don't even have to start with as much as I had. I am certain that you can earn money even with €40. This shouldn't be too much for anybody.

How do I make the money? The answer is playing roulette. You may ask yourself, how can I be so sure that I will always win a game that depends on a chance. Don't worry, it's possible. While playing hazard games, you can apply different mathematical and stastics methods, which will guarantee that you will win. You may lose a little money occassionaly, but in the total you will be rich. I have well-proven strategy, which will surely make you step into the game in the most efficient times. People usually have bad experience with playing hazard games, because they weren't following any system and lost because of it. I will show you how to win.


Hello, my name is Peter and I worked as a businessman. Now I am already retired so I have a lot of free time. I apend it gardening and I also collect wooden owl figures. To earn more money, I for example go and help at building sites. The rent is nor enough. My grandson has taught me how to use internet, so I serach for jobs, amusement and information there. I found a game, classic roulette, which can be played "on-line". I tried and played it and it is a game very easy to understand, even for me. I win a lot of money to not restrict myself and live at my own living standard I had before retirement. Peter

What steps to follow to win?

First of all, you need to register yourself at some casino. You can choose any casino you want but I personally recommend Unibet or Bwin. It's because I've already tested these casinos and I always received my money alright. I don't claim there are lots of foul casinos, but there are some that try to rob their players as much as possible. As I said, it's also good to have €160 in the start. If you don't have that much, €40 should be enough. You just won't make as much money as you could if you used more funds. But there's no other way this capital restricts you.

Surely you have doubts about whether it really works. Fortunately, casinos offer the opportunity to play for free. They are played with the same rules as the real deal, just with the difference of playing for virtual money. Thanks to that you may try whether my method is all okay with you and then start playing for real money.

I play following the strategy I publish here for years and so far everything works perfectly. The key to success is mainly obeying the instructions. You wil lsee for yourself that you will from time to time begin to want to bet more than you should according to this manual. I know that prizes tempt players to place higher bets. But hold your horses here. It's the players, who are easily tempted to bet not according to this manual, who are bringing so much money to the casinos' pockets. Thanks to my guide, you will gradually win small prizes, but in the total you will win a lot. Don't try to earn big at once. You could be successful, but more often you just lose.

My money-winning strategy

As I said, my sytem uses maths and statistics. You might be frightened by these words but there's nothing to be afraid of. You will see for youselves that it isn't as difficult to understand. You can often hear, that the genius things are very simple and this is such a case. Thanks to this system, anyonce can learn how to win at roulette

At roulette there are a great betting possibilites aviable. You can for example bet on a single number, two numbers, bunch of numbers or a color. My system uses this color betting. On the roulette there are black and red numbers. If you bet on color you have 50% chance you will hit the color you bet on. This is a much higher chance than in betting on a single nmber. To win at roulette even the 50% is relatively small. I will now show you how to get your chance to 100%. Start with a small bet, like €1 on a black one. If you hit black, you won and everything is alright. If red comes, you will use my method. You multiply you bet and bet on black again. If you hit black in the next round, you will win what you lost before and even a little more. Then you start again from €1. By this you can make sure you will always win.

In each play you will win as much as you bet in the beginning. In the case above it was €1. You can decide this base bet on your own, but remember, that when you don't hit your colour, you need to multiply your bet. Because of that I recommend only €1. As the time goues you will make enough money so you can increase as you will and make money quicker. If you have higher funds from the beginning you might start with the higher bet right off. But even with €1 you can make a fair amount of money.

Do you wish to earn €8000 per month?

Example of a roulette game - this is how it really works!

  • I bet €1 on red. Black color comes and I lose €1. The total loss is €1.
  • I bet €2 on red. Black color rolls up and I lose €2. The total loss is €3.
  • I bet €4 on red. Black color is hit and I lose €4. The total loss is €7.
  • I bet €8 on red. Red color comes and I win €8. Because the total loss is €7, I am
    on the black. The total prize is €1.

This is how all your games will proceed. Even if you can partially get in the red, in the end you can only win. It's important to be patient. You will surely hit the right color if you follow this guide. Just don't let yourself to be allured by the chance of higher profit and do not experiment. I tried it few times and always regretted it. This method gives you the certainity of winning only if the rules are abided diligently. So remember that when you will play.

Now a bit of maths. The chance you will get the colour you want is approximately 50%. That's because on the roulette there is, next to red and black numbers, also zero, which doesn't belong to any colour. But it doesn't roll up often so we can just omit it. It means that the chance for the same color to come four times in a row is just 1:16. This really isn't too much. You can multiply you bet more than 4 times. Thanks to that you can withstand the occasion of the same colour coming repeatedly. But you won't usually need that. If you want, you can change the individual colors to lower the risk even more.

Now I've already told you everything you need to know to start playing. Stick to this method and the results will appear promptly. In the beginning I'd recommend you to play at Unibet casino. I have the best experience with them. The prizes are paid out quickly and upright. You don't have to worry you won't get your money. If you don't want to play here, I will recommend you other casinos thereinafter.

Win lots of money.

Cheers to everyone, I started playing roulette about two months ago. Just a month ago I dared to bet real money. I am a naturally sceptical man, so I tried the "safe" version first and built up and ideal tactics. When I realised how the game works, I was sure nothing worse than losing few cents could happen to me, so I bet them. The money has come flowing to me ever since then. Everyone can find his tactics, way of playing, that fits him. I certainly recommend to start with maximal bonus, so you can enough funds and have the certainty to win money. Good luck to everyone of you.

Where I played

It doesn't really matter where you play. But you should never go to a real casino. Use online casinos where you have the ease and so you can concetrate on the game. I will recommend two casinos, where I played. In those casinos there was never a problem with money withdrawal. Also, they are casinos striving for new players. If you register here and deposit money, you will get invitation bonus. Its amount is dependent on you first deposit. So try and bet more for the first time. Soon you will have as much money you won't even care about any bonuses, but in the beginning this bonus will help you to collect so much funds you can play with higher base bet. So Bonus is a thing that can cut your path to money short.

CasinoEuro.com - Another casino that has proven good. It's a prestigious casino, so you don't have to be anxious you would lose you money. There are also very appealing bonuses for newly registered players.

Unibet - This is a company which runs casino and sport betting. Unibet website has a professional versions in different languages. Also, there are appealing bonuses offered to new players.

The best you can do is to register in both casinos I recommended. Casinos don't like to have players who earn too much. So divide your prizes in different casinos and be discreet. There's much lower chance they will find out about you and forbid you to play.

Can the casino software be harmful to my PC?

Some casinos use a special software that you can download for free on their website. You don't have to worry that program would be harmful in some way. Casinos can't allow themselves to put harmful software on their sites. It would disgrace their name and they would lose an awful lot of players. If you are requested to download and install software, you may do it without worrying it would result in some troubles for your computer.

There's just one step between you and the chance to play and that is the registration. It's usually very simple. Just fill out the prepared form. don't worry, even after filling out this data will be secret. Then you may choose from different options, for example whether you want the casino's offerings to be newslettered to you. Now your registration is done.

Special software is a thing of only some of the casinos. If you don't want to install it, there are many casinos which doesn't requite software, only your browser. Here you only need to register to play.

My achievements

Thanks to this system I can win from €40 to €50 per hour at roulette. Such profit is enough for me to play an hour or two a day to make enough for living. When I want to buy something nice for myself, I just need to play a little longer and I can afford it. I have accounts in several casinos and shift from one to other regularly. I've made hundreds of thousands of Euro using this method and the casinos have no idea.


Red23: Great, I tried this and made a few hundreds of euto in the first day. I am already preparing my job resignation. :D

Rachel: I tried this only with virtual money, but looks good so far. I am thinking of playing for money.

PurpleCougar: Awesome! :-)

Kakashi: I tried this and the money is just falling in my pockets now!!

space_drone: I wouldn't spread it so much, or the casinos will find out about as, change the roulette rules and were screwed.

parisjam: I use it too. I am not as quick, but I manage to make about €30 per hour. I'm working to improve myself (:

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